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Affiliated to International Dueball Federation and Asian Dueball Federation




"Achieving Fitness and Success with team work"

"Making awareness for social cause in India by the Theme of Sports"

About Us

“Dueball Federation of India (DFI)” is the National Governing Body for Dueball Sports in India to control and develop Dueball Sport in India. Only DFI is recognized as a National Governing body for Dueball Sports in India by International Dueball Federation- IDF which is the International Federation The Dueball Federation of India works on behalf of all levels of Dueball, men and women, to the sport’s grass roots, develop youth and elite Dueball and create new opportunities.

DFI’s vision for also embraces and adheres to the spirit and values of the Sportsman spirit. With these values, DFI ensures the highest levels of transparent standards including for all of our global competition.

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  • Dueball Fedaration of India
  • Affilated Member of: International Dueball Federation
  • Affilated Member of: Asian Dueball federation

Hon. Mr. Firoz Khan
Dueball Federation of India & International Dueball Federation

Founder Says...

In today's world, where we can see most of the youngster wasting their time on unnecessary things like social media and mobile games, thus putting their life, talent and health in trouble...

At this point there came a thought in mind of why not try some sort of sports which can give an opportunity, an idea, a creativity, fun, teamwork, a game and more over a chance to be fit mentally and physically..

But mind was not zeroing on any particular sports which could be promoted, which could bring craze among the general public, specially the girl child and youngsters...

Because time was demanding something new, something fast and quick, something which could be grabbed by all walk of life easily and which should not put a burden on someone's pocket...

At this point I made up my mind that I will definitely give something different to the youngsters in field of sports through which we can call out the slogan of "Young India, Fit India" effectively..

And after lot of thinking, discussions, comparisons, trials and feedbacks the game of "Dueball" was born..

And within this 6 years, now Dueball need not require any special introduction as it became popular in entire India, As all the states and union territories are playing Dueball at National and local level.

Not only this, just 2 years back we started introducing the game at international level through some genuine sports lovers. And within this short period the sports is grabbed at very fast pace by almost 25 countries including Argentina, Afghanistan, Morocco, U.A.E, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Egypt etc.

We hope that within next few year the game of Dueball will reach a very high level with due recognition from different fraternity of sports.

We stand together to build healthy India and healthy world through our game of Dueball.

Jai Hind....